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Read Msgr Rich’s Homily for the 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time/2015

From Fr. Rich

27th Sunday of Ordinary Time/2015


Fr. Rich

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Now what?

Pope Francis’ visit to the United States was amazing. I can say personally that I will long remember being with the thousands of people on the Parkway to share in Mass with the Pope. It’s not often that a major metropolis shuts down its center city to hold a Catholic Mass. That in itself is a tremendous witness to faith. I saw people kneeling in the middle of Broad Street praying. I sang “Alleluia” with a group of families from Michigan. My sister, Diane, and I offered the sign of peace to veritable strangers standing around us after praying with them the Lord’s Prayer. It was an amazing and inspirational event.

So, now what?

We’ve had our shot in the arm. The Pope’s humble, joyful presence, along with his powerful proclamation of the Gospel, has lifted us up and given the Church in America a radical spiritual boost. But this can’t be like eating a Snickers bar where we get an initial burst of energy and then thirty minutes later fall to sleep. We cannot let fade the light of hope that we witnessed and celebrated in Washington DC, New York City, and closer to home in Philadelphia.

Our mission is to love. Let’s all take a look within our hearts, and within our many relationships. What can we do differently in order to strengthen or improve or mend a relationship? And, when it comes to evangelization, how can we ride the “Francis Wave” of good will, joy and hope his visit produced? We must keep talking to our friends, neighbors and family members about faith and our relationship with Jesus Christ. Don’t miss an opportunity to tell someone you go to Church and why you go. Let’s not lose the momentum.

Fr. Rich

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