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St Joan of Arc 5k
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Fr Mike's Farewell
Fr Mike's Farewell
Fr Mike's Farewell
Fr Mike's Farewell
Fr Mike's Farewell
Fr Mike's Farewell
Eucharistic Congress
Eucharistic Congress


Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!

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From Our Pastor

Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passsion/2014


Fr. Rich

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

The universe does not revolve around me and my problems, nor does it revolve around you and yours.  This is sometimes difficult to accept.  We can easily get wrapped up within ourselves.  It is difficult to view the world outside of our own experiences, outside of our own daily struggles, our hurts, even outside of our challenges and joys.

Then Holy Week comes “crashing” into our lives.  Holy Week comes to unwrap us, much as Jesus had Lazarus unwrapped when he called him out of the tomb.

This week wants to help get us in touch with “the bigger picture.”  We are created by God and loved by Him.  We cannot live without Him.  God “unwraps” His identity and reveals Himself to us in Jesus Christ.  He gives Himself completely to us to show us how much we are loved and to show us how to love others. 

We do not have to be defined by our worst failures or sins or sorrows.  There is another way to live.  Let the Lord “unwrap” your soul and heart this week and give you new life — life lived in Christ.

Come be a part of our journey to the Cross and to the Empty Tomb!

Make it a Holy Week!

Fr. Rich

Read Fr. Rich’s Homily For Palm Sunday 2014

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