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Hope Give StrengthLent Activites 2015


Healing & ForgivingSpeaker Chris Bellitto

From Our Pastor

2nd Sunday of Lent/2015


Fr. Rich

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Jesus wants to take us to a new place. He wants to give us a new vision, a new way of seeing and experiencing life. He wants us to live as people of joy and hope.

This week we go up with Jesus, up a mountain of Transfiguration. Sometimes we are reluctant to go. It’s Lent 2015safer down below on the ground we are well familiar with, even if we are stagnant or even hurting ourselves. We’d rather stay. Fear keeps us fixed, stationary. But Jesus says, “Follow me.”

Follow me, He says, to freedom. To hope. To a new life.

This is a perfect week to celebrate our Mass for Those Touched By Addiction (you can read more about this Mass on page 6 of this bulletin). We’ve never done anything like this before, so even for us this is a bit of a risk. Rest assured, this Mass is to offer spiritual support for the many of us with addictions and the many of us who love persons who are addicted or in recovery. We want to offer a message of support and hope for everyone. Our guest homilist, Fr. Andrew Kurovsky, has extensive knowledge of 12 step recovery programs and the spirituality embedded in them. If you know of someone who might benefit, please invite him or her, and come with them. This will help us all.

Don’t be afraid of the new places Jesus wants to take us.

Good Lent!
Fr. Rich

Read Msgr Rich’s & Fr Jorge’s Homilies for the 2nd Sunday of Lent/2015

Hope gives vision

 You Need a Mountain by Msgr. Rich

Hope Gives Us New Vision by Fr. Jorge

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