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From Our Pastor

26th Sunday of Ordinary Time/2014


Fr. Rich Dear Parishioners, Friends and Guests,

You’ve heard of WWJD — “What Would Jesus Do?” It’s a great question for us to ask especially when faced with important decisions and moral dilemmas. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we follow him and learn from him — so it is vitally important that we try to live as he did, to love as he loved. Asking what he would do in a particular situation reminds us that we live not just for ourselves — we aren’t here just to do what we want to do. As baptized Christians we have a responsibility to continue the mission and ministry of our Risen Savior.

So, what does WWJS mean? What Would Jesus Say? This is also important to ask. Jesus had a lot to say to the religious leaders of his day, to those who believed in the God of Abraham. Likewise, he had a lot to say to those who were his first followers.

Sometimes what he said wasn’t very much appreciated by the people standing in the pulpit nor by the people sitting in the pews. In fact, Jesus could really make them mad. Take, for instance, what he tells them today: “Tax collectors and prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God before you.”

Has Jesus ever said anything that has made you angry? If he has, or if he hasn’t, we might want to ask ourselves what that might mean?

Fr. Rich

Read Father Rich’s Homily for the 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time/2014

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