Health Promotion Program

[portfolio_slideshow]Dr. James Holton visited India May 12th to 18th. While he was visiting JACID we conducted medical camps for 3 days from 13th to 15th two days for the people near by villages and one day for the college students and special need children at the college building. The camp was conducted on 13th in Thoppuvilai and 15th in Karankadu. People participated from 19 different near by villages in these camps. High Blood Pressure and Diabetic people were identified and were treated. There are more than 80 people who came for knee pain & shoulder pain and were given shots to help relieve the ache.  Altogether 194 people participated in these camps. And also camp was conducted on 14th in the college building for the Teacher Students and the Special Need  Children. Now you can look at some of the pictures of the medical camps.