Mary Prayer Stations

Mary Prayer Stations


A suggestion: On our walls are 12 portraits of Mary. Take a journey around the church, starting at any portrait, offering a prayer, one at each “station,” invoking the Blessed Mother’s intercession under her various titles, concluding with an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.


O Mary, Mother of God: pray for a deep reverence for the gift of human life in every stage of life, born and unborn.


O Mary, Mother of Christ: pray for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior; for those who struggle with faith or have lost it.


O Mary, Mother of the Church, Help of All Christians: pray for Pope Francis, our Bishop David, the Diocese of Trenton and the parish of St. Joan of Arc; for the unity of all Christian churches


O Mary, Queen of Peace: pray for peace in every heart, home and nation throughout the world.


O Mary, Health of the Sick, Our Lady of Perpetual Help: pray for the sick, the chronically ill, the lonely and fearful and those with addictions


O Mary, Mirror of Justice: pray for the poor, the unemployed, for refugees and migrants, for victims of violence, terror and war


O Mary, Seat of Wisdom: pray for local, state and national leaders, for the leaders of all nations


O Mary, Our Lady of Good Counsel: pray for teachers and catechists, for confessors and counselors and spiritual directors, for parents and guardians of children


O Mary, Queen of Families: pray for all families, for marriages (especially those struggling), for single parents, for children


O Mary, Refuge of Sinners: pray for a change of heart and a deeper conversion to the way of the Lord; for a merciful heart


O Mary, Mother of Sorrows and Gate of Heaven: pray for the grieving, for those who are dying, for those who are dying, for those who die alone


O Mary, Cause of our Joy: pray for a joyful, grateful heart