Parish Library

The Parish Library is Now Open!

The library entrance is located in Pedata Hall in the left hand corner (as you face the windows).  Come enjoy our great selection of books on a variety of subjects including:

  • Jesus, Mary & the Saints
  • Conversion Stories, Apologetics, & Catholic Teachings
  • Scripture & Theology – for beginners as well as those seeking more depth
  • Classics in Catholic literature
  • Sacraments & Catholic Devotions
  • History, Popes & Vatican II
  • Marriage & Family, Infertility, Loss of a Child (both before & after birth), Bereavement & Self Help
  • Prayer & Spirituality
  • Life & Justice Issues
  • Fiction, Humor, a Children’s section & More

If you would like to help by donating a book, you can find our wish list at using the link below:

Click Here for Amazon Wish List


It can also be accessed through your own Amazon account – Go to the wish list tab, click on “find a wish list” and enter “St. Joan’s Library”.

If you would like to donate books not on the wish list please contact us by email or phone before making your donation.  We request that all donated books be “like new” or new.