Small Groups: Strengthen Your Core

Week 1 Check Your Pulse

Week 1 Discussion Points

  • What were you feeling on your way to this Small Group Gathering? Do you think it’s good to be here?
  • What is the pulse of your spiritual life (your relationship with Jesus)? Hardly noticeably? Racing fast with excitement or fast with fear? Do you need a jumpstart? Or … ?
  • Where would you like to go in your walk with Jesus? Where do you hope this experience of Small Groups will take you?
  • Fear keeps some people from checking their pulse or from going to a doctor. They don’t want to hear the truth. The disciples, too, were “very much afraid.” The Gospel tells us that Jesus “touched them” and said, “Rise and do not be afraid.” What fear might keep you from taking Jesus’ hand?

Week 2 Hydrate

Discussion Points for Week 2

  • What are the things that “dehydrate” us? Have you ever felt spiritually dehydrated?
  • How did the Samaritan woman come to know who Jesus really is? How can we also know Jesus?
  • Have you felt “known” by Jesus? How do you feel about that?
  • Staying well-hydrated is important for physical health. In what ways is Jesus “living water” for you? How does your relationship with Jesus Christ “hydrate” your spirit, your life?
  • What is your experience of the Sacraments? How do we experience Christ in the Sacraments?
  • How can we lead others to the well of living water, to Jesus?    

Week 3 Resistance Training

Discussion Points for Week 3

  • Have you ever experienced criticism or objections to what you believe?
  • What in life pushes us away from Jesus and keeps us blind to his presence? How have you experienced Jesus drawing you closer to Him?
  • In weight-lifting, if the same weight is lifted each time, the muscles are not challenged and do not grow stronger. What experiences have challenged and ultimately strengthened your faith, your relationship with Jesus Christ … your relationship with the Church?
  • How is this experience of sharing faith in a small group challenged your faith to grow?

Week 4 Take it to the Next Level

Discussion Points

  • How have you experienced death in your life? What have been your emotions? Have you ever wondered or asked, like Mary and Martha: “Where are you, Lord?”
  • What does it mean to believe in Jesus’ power over death? When have you experienced Jesus as the Resurrection and the Life?
  • How does belief in resurrection shape or effect your life today? How does resurrection affect the way we live our life?