What is W.I.N.G.S.?

Welcome In God’s Spirit

WINGS is a high school youth group at St. Joan of Arc Church in Marlton, NJ. We hold many events for high school teens such as dances, chat & sports nights, overnight retreats, special trips, and many other fun things!

The group also performs tons of community service projects such as keeping Evans Road clean, National Rosary rally, MLK Day of Service with the Trenton Diocese, and parking cars and dressing up in character costumes at St.Joan’s carnival.

WINGS teens create new friendships with their peers as well as the adult advisers and the youth minister.  Many of the WINGS teens have come to count on the group as their second family. WINGS welcomes all high school teens who want to make friends, have FUN and learn more about their faith.

Currently, members of WINGS attend Cherokee, Lenape, Holy Cross, Shawnee, Paul IV, St. Joe’s Prep, Eastern, Merion Mercy, Bishop Eustace, Camden Catholic and B.C.I.T.

What does WINGS stand for?

 W.I.N.G.S. is an acronym and it stands for Welcome IN God’s Spirit. In addition, each member has found their own personal meaning in being a member of WINGS.  

How do I become a WINGS member?

 Just click here and fill in the blanks! 

What does the $25.00 membership fee cover?

Membership fees cover the costs to run the Youth Group.  This includes mailings, supplies, and snacks and drink provided at events. Also, some of the cost of dances, special events, and trips are offset for WINGS members. For example, WINGS members pay $3.00 for a dance while non-members pay $5.00. 

What is the E-Board?

The E-board (Executive Board) is a group of teens who help the Youth Minister with the scheduling of events. They also take suggestions from the teens and try to make them happen! 

What are Teen Leaders?

Teen leaders are teens who help the Youth Minister and the other adult advisors run the small groups. The Senior Teen Leaders are there to help Youth Minister make sure that calls are being made to the teens in every small group.


If you are interested in joining or have questions about W.I.N.G.S., please call the Youth Minister,

Jay Keesler, at (856) 983-1340 or email him at