THAT MAN IS YOU! is on Christmas break.Our sessions resume on January 12, 2018.
We meet every Friday morning in Pedata Hall at 6:00am.

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That Man is You! is an interactive multimedia men’s program focused upon the development of authentic male leadership.  Over the course of four years, That Man is You! successively considers men in their relationship to God, to their spouse and to their children and to their community.  Here at St. Joan’s we’ve started our third year of TMIY. It’s never too late to join-up.  Even if you missed all or any part of the program, you can jump right in and benefit.

The program content harmonizes current social and medical science with the teachings of the Church and the wisdom of the saints to develop the vision of man fully alive.  It is particularly indebted to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and Pope John Paul II.

That Man is You! is successful at attracting large numbers of men, including younger men still actively parenting, and then transforming their spiritual lives.  Indeed, independent research from a Faith Advisor to The Gallup Poll reveals That Man is You! to be one of the most life transforming programs ever studied.

For more information please contact:

Mark Chalmers               or                     Wes Trunko
phone: 856-797-8695                       phone: 856-985-4353