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Religious Education

St. Joan of Arc Religious Education

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Registrations for the 2014-15 school year


Our Religious Education Ministry works together with parents and our parish family to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the children of our parish.  As parents share the Catholic faith at home, we the catechists bring a formal classroom setting to teach church teachings and how to live out our faith in the world.  As a parish family we come together to worship and praise God at weekend Liturgy and to receive spiritual nourishment from the body and blood of Jesus Christ in Eucharist.


In order have your child enter the Religious Education Ministry we hold registrations in the Spring.

We are beginning registrations this month of April and will continue until June 26th. The hours are:



April 14-15 our hours are 9-5pm and 7-8pm

April 16-17 our hours are 9-3pm

April 21-24th we are closed for Easter break

April 28-May 1st from 9-3pm



May 5-8 from 9-3pm

May 12-13 from 9-3pm and 6-8pm

May 14-15 from 9-3pm

May 17-18 (Saturday- Sunday) after each Mass

May 19-22 from 9-3pm

May 27-29 from 9-3pm



June 2-3 from 9-3pm and 6-8pm

June 4-5 from 9-3pm

June 16-19 from 9-3pm

June 23-26 from 9-3pm


Our tuition is the same as last year

$100 for one child

$125 for two or more children

$150 for three or more children


If you are registering a first grader or a new registration, please remember to bring a baptismal certificate if not baptized at St. Joan of Arc Parish.


We are also looking for Catechists (teachers) and hall monitors as well as team catechists for the upcoming year. 


We as a team look forward to working with you to bring the message of Jesus to all our young people.




Linda A. Mueller, DRE

St. Joan of Arc Parish


(PDF format):

Mission Statement:

Parents are the primary teachers of their child's faith. We as the Religious Education Ministry share with the parents the mission of bringing the love of our God to all children in our parish.

Linda Mueller, DRE


Debbie Galamb, Administrative Assistant


Dee Tetreault, Secretary


Office Hours:

Monday - Tuesday

9:30am-5pm also from 7-8pm

Wednesday - Thursday

9:30am - 3pm